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japanese invasion of french indochina wikipedia - the japanese invasion of french indochina futsu in shinch was a short undeclared military confrontation between the empire of japan and the french state in northern indochina fighting lasted from 22 to 26 september 1940 simultaneous with the battle of south guangxi in the sino japanese war the main objective of the japanese was to prevent the republic of china from, first indochina war wikipedia - the first indochina war generally known as the indochina war in france and as the anti french resistance war in vietnam began in french indochina on 19 december 1946 and lasted until 20 july 1954 fighting between french forces and their viet minh opponents in the south dated from september 1945 the conflict pitted a range of forces including the french union s french far east, street without joy the french debacle in indochina - street without joy the french debacle in indochina stackpole military history series bernard b fall on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers reprint of an all time classic on the vietnam war originally published in 1961 before the united states escalated its involvement in south vietnam, bbc history world wars japan s quest for empire - explore japans quest and desire for empire which grew during ww2 which events led to the pearl harbor attack of 1941, amazon com indochina an ambiguous colonization 1858 - combining new approaches with a groundbreaking historical synthesis this accessible work is the most thorough and up to date general history of french indochina available in english, history of france britannica com - in 20th century international relations france s independent course where britain was enervated by the advent of the missile age and the third world france was invigorated the weak fourth republic had suffered defeat in indochina and was embroiled in a civil war between french settlers and native muslims in algeria, france new world encyclopedia - france officially the french republic is a country whose metropolitan territory is located in western europe and that also comprises various overseas islands and territories located in other continents french people often refer to metropolitan france as l hexagone the hexagon because of the geometric shape of its territory the french republic is a unitary semi presidential republic