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informix guide to sql syntax - informix guide to sql syntax version 7 2 april 1996 part no 000 7859a, informix sql list all fields tables stack overflow - informix isql has a command info tables that shows all tables the syntax for viewing the fields and their respective data types is info columns for table is there a similar command that shows table field for all tables and all fields, informix to oracle migration tips burleson oracle consulting - question my management is sick of informix and i ve been charged with migrating the informix database onto oracle migration from informix dynamic server version 7 30 uc10x3 running on unixware to oracle10g running on redhat linux currently i m using the oracle migration workbench, sql quick guide tutorials point - sql is a language to operate databases it includes database creation deletion fetching rows modifying rows etc sql is an ansi american national standards institute standard language but there are many different versions of the sql language sql is structured query language which is a, sql what is the max length of an informix column and can - tour start here for a quick overview of the site help center detailed answers to any questions you might have meta discuss the workings and policies of this site, informix subquery join experts exchange - is there a syntax for a subquery join in informix sql similar to the following works in most database management systems but errors in informix select from table1 t1 left outer join select, comparison of different sql implementations - comparison of different sql implementations the goal of this page which is a work in progress is to gather information relevant for people who are porting sql from one product to another and or are interested in possibilities and limits of cross product sql the following tables compare how different dbms products handle various sql and related features, hierarchical and recursive queries in sql wikipedia - a hierarchical query is a type of sql query that handles hierarchical model data they are special cases of more general recursive fixpoint queries which compute transitive closures in standard sql 1999 hierarchical queries are implemented by way of recursive common table expressions ctes unlike oracle s earlier connect by clause recursive ctes were designed with fixpoint semantics from, sql tutorial w3schools - sql is a standard language for storing manipulating and retrieving data in databases our sql tutorial will teach you how to use sql in mysql sql server ms access oracle sybase informix postgres and other database systems, hadoop example hello world with java pig hive flume - there is a lot of excitement about big data and a lot of confusion to go with it this article provides a working definition of big data and then works through a series of examples so you can have a first hand understanding of some of the capabilities of hadoop the leading open source technology in the big data domain, trunc truncate datetime oracle to sql server migration - in oracle trunc datetime unit function allows you to truncate a datetime value to the specified unit set zero time set the first day of the month i e in sql server you can use various expressions using convert function to get the same result, the best sql interview questions answers updated 2018 - if you re looking for sql interview questions for experienced or freshers you are at right place there are lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world, a probably incomplete comprehensive guide to the many - this is it the ultimate guide to sql joins we ve got outer joins inner joins natural joins semi joins and more alternate syntaxes than you can shake a stick at, oracle data types oracle ss64 com - notes and examples varchar2 storing character data as varchar2 will save space store smith not smith oracle9i and above allow varchar2 columns to be defined as a number of bytes varchar2 50 byte or a number of characters varchar2 50 char the latter is useful if the database is ever converted to run a double byte character set such as japanese you won t have to edit the column sizes, sql performance tuning peter gulutzan trudy pelzer - sql performance tuning is a handbook of practical solutions for busy database professionals charged with managing an organization s critically important data covering today s most popular and widely installed database environments this book is an indispensable resource for managing and tuning sql across multiple platforms, flyway by boxfuse database migrations made easy - important notes while the idea of undo migrations is nice unfortunately it sometimes breaks down in practice as soon as you have destructive changes drop delete truncate you start getting into trouble, how to use pl sql procedures and functions in odi - hi i have a informix stored procedure that needs to be calld and the result set has to insert into the postgres table i am follwing steps in odi procedures to call the informix procedure, importing data from a database by building a sql query - importing data from a database by building a sql query you can import data from a database google bigquery or hadoop directly into microstrategy desktop for use in creating dashboards an intuitive visual interface makes it easy to build the sql query that imports your data by dragging and dropping tables selecting columns defining joins and specifying filter conditions, php tutorial from beginner to master dashmeshedu com - in the example above you see that you do not have to tell php which data type the variable is php automatically converts the variable to the correct data type depending on its value, dbi database independent interface for perl metacpan org - 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