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usps 2018 pay dates and leave year postalreporter com - 2018 pay dates and leave year the following chart lists the 2018 pay periods for the convenience of timekeepers each biweekly pay period appears as two separate weeks with the beginning and ending dates indicated for each week, 422 salary schedules covered by specific agreements usps - 422 salary schedules covered by specific agreements 422 1 postal service and mail equipment shops material distribution center salary schedules 422 11 salary system 422 111 salary schedules the relevant salary schedules are as follows the postal service ps schedule applies to clerks vehicle service drivers maintenance service employees and vehicle maintenance employees, 540 injury compensation program usps - 540 injury compensation program 541 overview 541 1 background 541 11 law under the provisions of the postal reorganization act 39 u s c 1005 c all employees of the united states postal service are covered by the federal employees compensation act feca 5 u s c 81, trenton metro area local - as referenced in article 8 sections 4 and 5 of the usps nalc and usps apwu national agreements the december period during which penalty overtime regulations are not applicable consists of 4 consecutive service weeks, 505 return services postal explorer usps - 505 return services overview 1 0 business reply mail brm 2 0 permit pre paid metered and courtesy reply mail 3 0 merchandise return service mrs 4 0 parcel return service, guide to usps non career employee health benefits plan - usps non career employee health benefits plan 2014 plan year ncehp bk 1 november 2013 3 a child age 26 or over who is incapable of self support because of a mental or physical disability that existed before age 26 is also an eligible family member, 508 recipient services postal explorer usps - 4 1 4 number assignment a number is assigned to each po box mail intended for delivery through a box must show the assigned po box number in the address immediately above the city state and zip code, tracking usps shipments in india sai digital magazine - tracking usps shipments sent to india is a hell of a task that needs a lot of patience we have a user reporting that his usps priority international parcel is still not received by him after 2 weeks from shipping date if you look at the post you will notice that the parcel was shipped from usa to india with in 2 days of usps receiving the information and then the shipping product itself, usps attendance control crackdown 2010 postalreporter - sick leave is like having money in the bank i had an injury off the clock and i had enough sick leave to cover my absents for 8 months some of my coworkers use their sick leave on a regular basic and when they had taken sick they were force to use leave with out pay lwop for several months, feca owcp faqs federal workers compensation consultants - frequently asked questions about feca and owcp q i have been receiving owcp compensation benefits for 10 years because i cannot work any more, usps disability retirement helping postal workers secure - are there unique aspects in a federal disability retirement application separate and distinct from non postal federal employees are there essential features different approaches and distinguishable paradigms to follow are the rules different applied differently approached separately devised insufferably when determined to involve postal employees, government policy healthcare it news - the welsh assembly public accounts committee pac has questioned the competence capability and capacity across the system to digitise healthcare services in wales after an inquiry uncovered a raft of problems from delays in the delivery of digital projects to unclear lines of accountability, the history of postage rates in the united states since 1863 - the history of postage rates in the united states 1863 to present as well as several notes about the addition of zip codes postcards and a lower rate for mail heavier than one ounce also a few news items about the us postal service, liberty electric folding tricycle libertytrike com - the liberty electric trike is powerful ultra portable and fun the most popular electric adult tricycle in the world questions call us now 866 894 4620